Get to know Southfield Int'l

Southfield Communication Limited has its headquarters in Enugu State, Nigeria and was registered as a limited liability company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria in 2008. As a fasting emerging country in Africa, the need for installing new technologies in the different sectors, there was a need for a highly competent establishment to meet the demand of professional services in the developing economy of Nigeria and Southfield Communication ' Limited was established to meet that demand. We provide efficient, cost-effective and flexible solutions in the sales, leasing, repairs and servicing of all kinds of heavy equipment in construction, dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects in oil and gas. We also offer Media Relations ,Customer Reference Program Management ,Writing Services, Product Launches ,Event Management ,Trade Show Support ,Grassroots Communications ,Agricultural Development.

 Southfield Communication  Limited is also a compact organization with resourceful work force in three professional departments in the establishment; the departments oversee Management, Executives and the control of the company.

Mission Statement:

To be a leading international contractor specializing in Construction,  business development, Exploration and export of solid minerals, Charcoal Production, Agricultural development, construction, dredging, marine engineering and projects in oil and gas.. We work closely with our clients and provide the newest innovative strategies and products at competitive prices.

Our promise is to provide a business environment which promotes sustainable partnership, integrity and trust between our client and our noble company. “ Our Core Values Our values are entrenched on providing our clients with professional service delivery and we have established a reputation for these services at cost effective rates. Our timeliness defines us and this has allowed us to build a solid foundation which has seen us expanding our services across the world.

Our Standards:

Southfield Communication  Limited uses the latest equipment and innovation technology in executing our services. Our team of professionals are always on research of the latest technology and techniques which ensures the efficiency of our services. The combination of our experience and the latest technology makes our final product and services superior and of the highest quality.

Our Team:

Our highly-trained staff are Industrial and Equipment professionals who offer solutions to business development, Production and export of solid minerals, Agricultural development, construction, dredging, marine engineering and projects in oil and gas.

Our continuous-training programs ensure our tradition of delivering the best service on industrial and heavy equipment needs. Beyond offering services and repairs for most major manufacturers, our professionals are motivated to finding solutions to whatever need that may arise.

We pride ourselves as an establishment that has developed trademark for developing and maintaining a positive business relationship with clients while expediting projects toward completion in a timely and cost effective manner.





Having us Southfield Communication  Limited work for you is in your best interest as we take care of our business with a motivation to deliver to you the best services. 

We observe all the rules that governs the operational efficiency of any given objective.

We adhere to systematic and scientific processing of achieving a task.