Our high standard corporate structure regulates the affairs of the company. Our management and administrative help drive the business in a professional manner by instituting and enforcing quality control measures in administration.


To ensure that the business is run properly, we have an effective Board of Directors, a dedicated management committee, an accurate finance committee and a vibrant exco/project committee to deliver quality services.



The Board is responsible for setting overall strategic for the Company and is highly instrumental in establishing the company's mission, strategic goals and the supporting operating and financial policies. As a company focused on being a major player across continents, we are always looking forward to inviting accomplished professionals and investors that share a vision of sustainable development of our organization to join our board.



The Exco/finance committee has the responsibility of reviewing the company's operations and operating results and making recommendation to the Board. The Committee ensures the optimal utilization of funds and to carry out special duties as directed by the Board.




 This committee reviews the daily affairs of the company with a view to making and implementing recommendations that will optimize operations.




The project committee, made up of our local and international partners, maintain oversight functions over projects and are the overall project.


Corporate Policies:

As a company that maintains international best practices, we pay attention to safety of our staff to deliver quality operations services, maintenance and other important elements into each project. This step increases efficiency, improves speed to our service delivery. We always work in the best interests of our clients maintain standards in quality, health, safety in a manner that protects the environment.


This cardinal policy helps in ensuring profitability and success in the long run.


Quality Control:


Southfield Communication  Limited strives to apply leading edge technology to process equipment while exercising cost effective practices. In order to sustain our corporate objectives, we work according with ISO 9001 quality control measures to ensure that all of our staffs are properly trained in order to add value and maintain quality. To this end, inspection aides are employed at all times to ensure Q. A. requirements are Adhered to Nondestructive test (N .D. T) Techniques shall also be employed.


Safety Policy:

Southfield Communication  Limited has a safety philosophy that accords priority to the health and welfare of its staff. The installation and protection of company assets, and how it affects the environment are prioritized as primary concern. We organize accident preventive programs measures for staff and comply with applicable national and international safety regulations.


Environmental Policy:

Southfield Communication  Limited demonstrates social responsibility by taking initiatives that address the social and environmental needs of communities we operate on. As a responsible and community friendly company, we encourage and identify environmentally friendly areas for our work by ensuring a enforcement of safety standards in our work sites and office environments. Contributing, monetary and professional expertise to charity. We recognize Indigenous contributions to development and provide employment opportunities for members of the communities we operates as well as help them start small businesses and support educational values with communities as part of our social corporate responsibilities.

Having us Southfield Communication  Limited work for you is in your best interest as we take care of our business with a motivation to deliver to you the best services. 

We observe all the rules that governs the operational efficiency of any given objective.

We adhere to systematic and scientific processing of achieving a task.